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 Want to hear your musical creations

on a vinyl record?

Just send us your music files

on dropbox. 

See how here 

Want to Buy a Vinyl Album
from one of our Artists
click here

Record sizes including 12” - 10” or 7” 

Available in 5 packs and 10 packs.

See info here


We hand-cut your Master Lacquer discs for pressing many copies. Side A is cut on one lacquer disc and Side B is cut on a second lacquer disc for getting the metal masters made to press more copies. We ship them out for metal plating and then those "stampers" are shipped to the pressing plant of your choice. Finally, "retail-ready" records are shipped to you for selling at your shows and online at Amazon or Ebay. See where here 

Your Digital Music Must be Mastered for Vinyl 

. . . to Sound it's BEST on Vinyl.

Audio Mastering Guru,

Stephen Sea 

will master your tracks

to make your music sound

a cut above the rest....

Get To Know 
Stephen Sea is the "Master Groove Cutter" and his journey on this path started in the mid 1970's, after being introduced to Allen Zentz the legendary mastering engineer of successful bands such as, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, and the London Symphony Orchestra to mention a few of the many.


The introduction was made by music producer, Eddie Gurren in Los Angeles, CA. The opportunity to learn more about this particular and important facet of "the industry" was invaluable, as it became clearly understood that no matter how much "excellence" is applied to the creation of an audio work intended for commercial release, it was the Final Mastering stage that determined how much of that work is accurately presented to the public.


Having used state-of-the-art vintage recording equipment when multi-track recording was "new," and onward into the modern era of digital software/hardware technology now available has allowed him the ability to quickly assess audio sources for compatibility with the vinyl record format  . 


Possessing a well-grounded history and understanding of how "Digital Sampling rates & Bit Resolutions" differ from prior Analog formats (i.e., magnetic tape, vinyl records, etc.) and how either can affect the listening experience. Stephen can apply relatively rare technical knowledge and ability to prepare audio products for optimized performance on vinyl record media.


As the debate over DIGITAL vs. ANALOG recordings continue to evolve, Stephen Sea’s history, experience and expertise offers a clear advantage to the re-emerging vinyl record industry.

Make it Happen

We can do all this for you for a fee or you can do it yourself:


For optimum results, refer to this checklist for

preparing your music mixes for release on Vinyl :

1.  Center bass frequencies below 400Hz


2. Reduce excessive high-frequencies with MULTIBAND compressors instead of standard broadband compression, and AVOID "Brick Wall" compression (great for digital music, but brutal on a cutting stylus, and will result in unwanted distortion).


3. GENTLE de-essing of vocal tracks if possible is advised!


4. Sequence the order of your tracks to feature quieter songs toward the center of the record to mitigate inner-groove distortion, reserving the outer portion of the record for more dynamic (louder) selections.


5. ASK QUESTIONS you might have about how to achieve any of the above (or anything else related to your quest for superior results) and we will do our best to assist and advise.

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