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Stephen Sea
CEO - Audio Engineer - Mastering for Vinyl Lathe Cuts and Lacquer

Recording Artist, Composer. Music Producer, Session Musician and sole proprietor of Broadcast Media Tracks formed in early 2011 for the purpose of making music tracks available to motion picture, post production facilities by offering direct licensing from the library catalogs. (


In addition to serving as Master Groove Cutters' senior audio mastering engineer and cutting lathe operator, Stephen is also currently Creative Director and Executive Producer at Inertia Records, established in 1989 for the purpose of producing, recording and publishing original music for Film, Television, Radio and multimedia. (


Stephen's debut release , "Truth to the Rumor" was a radio phenomenon, played on over 500 stations in the United States & charting as high as #4 in Jazz and #27 in NAC (New Adult Contemporary) programming formats.


In his early 20's, Stephen was hired directly by producer Gerhard Augustin as a session guitarist. Gerhard is best known as the Producer/Manager who brought the Rolling Stones to America in the 1960's, and booking tours in the American market, by having them open for Ike and Tina Turner.  Affiliation with Gerhard opened up a myriad of opportunities to work as a studio musician for many other artists in England, Germany and America as well.  


While working as a session musician at Union Studios in Munich, Germany, Stephen was introduced to producer Mal Luker who shared with him intriguing technical insight into the "Fundamental Science" behind the principles of "Sympathetic Vibration," by utilizing the undamped strings of a grand piano, together with a fender guitar amplifier, to produce a superior "reverb effect" during recording. This one profound observation became the catalyst for Stephen's continued journey on a path of discovering unconventional methods for achieving desired effects during the recording and production processes. 

Notable Achievements: 

With encouragement from several industry associates including Bob Monaco (ABC Records / producer for Steely Dan, Rufus and many more), Larry Cox (Columbia, Warner Brothers / Producer and Audio Engineer for the Jefferson Starship, Head East, Chris Andrews and more), Harold Cider (West Coast Director of Music Publishing, United Artists) and David Pomeranz (multi-platinum songwriter/recording artist) "... For "Truth to the Rumor", I compiled a collection of my own works designed to reflect observations of interest in regard to the cause-and-effect on listeners of music presented in contemporary commercial broadcast media." -Stephen Sea

A partial list of companies including original music compositions, sound design,, and other audio works to support their broadcasts and/or commercial product releases: 


Film Score, ReScore, Underscore and Sound Design 


Motion Pictures: Buena Vista / Disney, New World Pictures, Universal Films, MGM Motion Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Island Alive Films, Sony Pictures


Network and Cable Television: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Television, MTV, Discovery, A&E, History Channel


Music Recording Arts & Publishing :

Island Records, Chrysalis Records, Motown Records, Elektra Records, Warner Brothers Records, Mistimarr Music, Almo / Moss Music Publishing, United Artists Publishing, A&M Records, RCA Records, Columbia Records, CBS Songs


Looking back, I can clearly see the advantage of having a working knowledge of how music and audio works travel the path from an idea to market with every stage along the way having its own pertinence to the success of the product.

Tools of Preference:

DAW: Avid PRO TOOLS, Propellerheads REASON, Apple LOGIC


Instruments: Yamaha, Korg, Hammond, Gibson, Fender, Godin, Selmer, Drum Workshop and Taylor.


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Tricia Greenwood
Creative Director

Tricia Greenwood is an award winning singer/songwriter, guitar player, vocal coach, author, graphic designer, film maker and a hair designer.. As a true renaissance  woman, she began her music career in 2003 with her first album, "No Fear in Love". Tricia expresses her thoughts and feelings about love and loss and hopes to comfort and inspire others with her songs. Her lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings of victory over circumstances. She has recorded 4 albums available online at HeartSpeakMusic.

More info is available at


New Vinyl Album Release,  “Under the Radar” is available here for Vinyl, also available for other formats at  Soul Harmony is included on the new album, a duet with Stephen Sea which includes an animated music video for kids of all ages on Youtube.


Currently Tricia is working on new music to be released on her upcoming 2021 documentary, "Shout of Faith" that includes an in person interview with Paul Zollo, the author of Songwriters on Songwriting 1 and 2...

To hear the music and connect with Stephen Sea and Tricia Greenwoods music online, please visit website:

To hear the radio interview of Stephen and Tricia working together relationship, singing as a duet and just getting to know their hearts.  

Listen here on Margaux Nader Show -  "Live Your Music"

NEW - 2020 Interview with Tricia on Live Your Music

with new album, "Under the Radar"

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer:

Rick can fix anything and creates solutions for Master Groove Cutters and for anything else he gets his hands on. An Audiophile with great taste in music.... with turntables and speakers of the best quality for MGC  to listen to your music helps brings  your records to a higher level.

Richard Bolander

CFO - Master of All Things Electrical and Vinyl Record Dynamics

Undocumented Musicologist

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