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MGC Copyright Guide

The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) in New York City is an official Clearing House for copyright-protected material that many artists use to clear licensing for the songs they wish to cover. Anyone can open a "SongFile" account with them to obtain AFFORDABLE, QUICK and EASY Copyright Clearance of popular music that has been commercially published/released.


Click Here for  Harry Fox Agency's SONGFILE web portal (this is part of HFA's website referenced above). Call us if you need some guidance or assistance in getting your music covers legally cleared. It's EASY, AFFORDABLE and keeps you in legal good-standing with applicable copyright law. Click HERE for a youtube video showing how to navigate the HFA site to land on Songfile page for licensing)


IMPORTANT ! - The minimum quantity for audio "phonorecords" that Harry Fox Agency will issue licenses for is 25. A typical license fee is about 40 bucks. Make it LEGAL. Honor the original artist(s)/writer(s) and secure your license(s) for works that are YOUR "covers" of previously commercially released songs. We want to make this as easy (and affordable) as possible for you. If you have questions as to how to navigate this part of your vinyl journey, call us or drop us a message with your inquiry and we will gladly assist you.


Equipped with a minimum quantity copyright license from HFA, you are entitled to release up to 25 copies of your record without risk of violating (very bad) someone's copyright. 


If you choose this option...


CONGRATULATIONS! - You are now a member of an ever-growing, respectable class of artists world-wide that are enjoying the satisfaction, gratification and notoriety of honoring admired musical works that have ALREADY made it through the RISK/REWARD system (very good).  - And you are in good company -


Famous artists who cover other artists' works - see HERE



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