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David Scudder

Bassman David Scudder with a collection of his favorite fellow artists from the San Francisco Bay Area

This album may just as well
be crafted via magic
with ideas starting as reality
blossoming into miracles.
But isn't that the nature of music?

Much like gardening. When putting a plant into the ground and thinking you had something to do with it's growth, you soon realize that if was not you but the world's magic that made it bloom.
The artists, producer, and other contributors to this album, "Cover 2 Cover" they are the soil and sun
that made this music magical.  I humbly appreciate of all their time, incredible talent and creativity.
I cannot thank them enough. Upon listening I'm sure you too will see and hear the magic in this music. 

 - David Scudder

This album is dedicated to all of the musicians in
the San Francisco, South Bay and East Bay  

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