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Album Cover art is included with
price of  12" Lathe cut records only
Important things to know about your artwork for your album covers: If you have a CD album with artwork and the list of songs on the back cover are numbered - you will have to redesign the back for a 12" by 12" record album back cover. 
On a CD songs are listed from 1-10 or however many are on it.
On a  record album back cover- songs are listed like this:

SIDE A and SIDE B of your songs with title and time/length - example- 


1) My Love - 3:02

2) Feel It - 2:29


1) You're Awesome- 4:01

2) Got Your Record - 3:00


Number your songs for

each SIDE  (A-B)

or for Double album - (A-B-C-D) Each side begins with number (1) You will have to determine how many songs will be best suited to your record for 18-20 min. per side.

20 minutes is good... 18 min is best...

Make sure you add the minutes correctly with the seconds of each song so that you organize them for each record SIDE for best results.


Make sure your Album art images are 300dpi. If you only have the artwork from your cd cover that was online at a resolution of 72 for computer images- it will be blurry when printed. You will need to get original artwork and enlarge it with higher resolution to fit the template for your 12" new album cover. Or design a new cover. If you need help send an email with, “Graphic Design Help”  in subject line to us at: 

Create ONE single FOLDER on your

end that has ALL of your sub-folders/files in it, and use a ZIP program to compress and upload to our site. We refer to this as the MASTER FILE for the album to be cut, and keeps everything (song files, graphics files and text files) for that album in one place (Master File/Folder)


Here is ONE (of many) FREE programs you can use to compress and ZIP your folders and files into a SINGLE ZIP FILE:

Give your compressed ZIP file a name that can be used to reference the ARTIST and TITLE of the Album

(example: "Truth to the Rumor" by Stephen Sea could be:

Add your MS Doc or Cue Sheet

with Song List for

SIDE A - SIDE B, etc., 

with File Upload

Inside the MASTER FILE .zip there should be 2 sub-folders containing:

1.   Audio Files (stereo or mono .wav Song Files

2.  Graphic Files (For Front and Back cover art including any text desired)

Upload Your Music, Graphics and Cue Sheets for Album to Dropbox on File Upload from templates below

A commercially playable CD has audio files that are at a resolution of 44.1 kHz and a bit rate of 16. These can make a decent vinyl record cut, but higher resolution and bit rates offer a better cut with more warmth, dynamic range, presence and detail. Audio Files that will render a higher quality vinyl record are:


Sample Rate of 88.2 kHz / Bit Rate of 48 or: 

Sample Rate of 96 kHz / Bit Rate of 32 or 48 or: 

Sample Rate of 192 kHz / Bit Rate of 32 or 48.

"Up-Sampling" (i.e. re-rendering a file that is a 44.1Khz/16bit to a higher resolution such as 96KHz/48bit) does not necessarily increase its resolution, so whatever you have is what we will cut.

If mp3 files are what you have and would like to have records cut with these files please try to use a kbps of 320 or 256 minimum as anything lower is not likely to make a good sounding record.

What are the maximum playing times?

12" Record

33rpm: 18-20 minutes per side


33rpm: 12-15 minutes per side

7"  Record

45rpm: 4 minutes per side

​Put louder songs towards the beginning of the record and quieter songs towards the end of each side (towards the center)

Center labels are printed on white paper. create your center label artwork for both sides of record and upload.

Scroll to bottom of page after reading info to fill out forms and upload instructions

Best File types are:

wav files

(best quality for vinyl record cutting)

Templates page has Album Cover templates for 12" LP and center label for your artwork.

 If you need help with your images for front and back cover, let us know.

in an email here

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