These PDF's below are clickable links to templates designed to accommodate your text and/or graphics for Lathe Cuts and Lacquer Masters

For MAC systems, PRESS OPTION KEY as you click on PDF icon . For PC systems, RIGHT-CLICK on the PDF and select "save as target" to download any of the PDF's- fill them out and save to your computer and upload on upload page if you choose to or use the online form on upload page- these will help you to organize your music and figure things out.

*We  Print Album Cover Art and

center labels for 12" records (single or double albums)

 10" and 7" records come with printed 4" color labels. Create your label for us to print and it is delivered in a White Record Jacket

12" Album

Cover Art

4" Center Labels for all size Records

These PDF Files are for info on your Songs -  title, format and how many minutes long for each song more than 18-20 min per side 

Side C - D for double albums

 7" Side A-B

7" 45 RPM


Hey all you Musicians, Songwriters and Singers out there... we are here for you! Musicians helping musicians!  For the record... we cut the grooves for one-of-a-kind Lathe Cut Records for your original musical works (covers too!). We offer from one to twenty-five records of your music. Our Lathe-Cuts come with a signed MGC Certificate of Authenticity for each record, complete with an embossed gold seal.


What about "Cover Songs"?


We will also create your vinyl record for cover songs you perform. We provide you with the necessary guidance to secure the rights to record and release your version of those songs through the Harry Fox Agency. Click HERE to see our Copyright Guide page, or if you are already familirar with how to do this, go directly to HFA (scroll down to: "How do I Get a Mechanical License?") and get the licenses you need for the songs you want to record your own version of if they are owned by others. It's not expensive and it's very easy to do.


We also cut Lacquer Masters for the pressing of your records from 100 to 1000 or more.  Although you can choose the record pressing plant of your choice to press your records, we have agreements with several pressing plants that are diversely located across the U.S . in order to speed up delivery time and $ave you money on shipping.


After the completion of your Lacquer Master, we ship them to the pressing plant closest to you. These are experienced, reputable pressing plants with impressive track records, including Rainbo Records in Los Angeles. They will also handle all of the artwork and packaging requirements for your pressed records.


If you need money for your vinyl record endeavor - do a gofundme campaign  click here